Sunday, September 20, 2009

Spiro Thingy

One of the 4 Spiro Thingy templates on the Stepping Disk

Group of the four templates that make up the Spiro Thingy

Quilt by Penny Stephenson
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I just finished this quilt yesterday. I have had my CL for about a month. I figured I would start easy, besides this quilt needed something simple. The quilt is called Grandmothers Diamond Ring. I used Deb Levy's instructions for the border arcs and then I used the Spiro thingy for the motifs in the center of the hexagons. It measures 84 x 96.

Quilts by Carmen Tesch

Although I've used the Circle Lord Spiro Thingy several times I wanted to use all aspects of it on a quilt. I made this scrap quilt with both 12" and 6" blocks and have used all of the Spiro Thingy templates on it, resulting in many different designs in a wide range of sizes.
I marked the templates according to the instructions and used the template/size chart to choose the designs as I stitched the blocks through the quilt.

If you've got the Spiro Thingy and haven't used it, well...get it out! It was fun and it really is easy to use!
I used the new Circle Lord mini clam shells giant template to stitch the border. Love that new template!


I used the Aztec, Ginko, Spiro Thingy & Basic Circle Lord to quilt this large floral batik. On many of the flowers I used the CL templates and on some I used the 12" Squircle to create centers, and made free motion flowers and background fill. The Spiro Thingy was used to make the flowers in the border.

The Spiro-Thingy is a set of 4 templettes with which you can make about 100 variations of loop and fan patterns.It is placed on the Circle Lord Stepping Disk. Below are the four templettes and the 7 sizes of loops you can make from them. The fan patterns seen later are made from using various sets of holes. The Loops are the same as the Bowl on the Aztec template.

Group of the four templates that make up the Spiro Thingy
Patterns Made using #1 Hole with each size.

Circle Lord Spiro Thingy 7-9 templette on Stepping disk

16 times Fan pattern
Templette 7"-9" combination on point
Templette 7"-9" combination on square

The patterns go from 4 inches to 12.5 inches. The Spiro Thingy consists of 4 Templettes that fit on the CL Stepping Disk. With these you can make 7 sets of different patterns as seen in the computer patterns and pictures on the Circle Lord News.
The patterns take about 3 minutes to do. Our patented pin-stop stepping disk system is simple and fast. No pins to pull and hold while rotating the stepping disk. Our patented stylus system allows you to lift the stylus, turn it a bit and it will stay above the template so you can move the machine without having to hold it up.

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